Trinidad Short Robustos T L.E 2010 is a limited edition release from 2010 and they are hand-roll from the best Cuban tobacco. Firstly, they have a Robusto shape and a gorgeous design. Secondly, the body has a beautiful structure and little oil. Thirdly, these cigars are made from the best filler, binding leaves and wrappers on the market and they can be enjoy by any smoker. Fourthly, the notes bouquet features bursts of spice, sweetness and coffee bean. These delights are best enjoy next to a good rum
Length 4
Ring Gauge 50
Shape Petit Robustos
Taste Leathery
Strength Medium
The Trinidad Short Robustos T LE 2010 cigar is an outstanding new special realeased Cuban cigar. Rich, delightfully spicy aroma, with all those excellent Trinidad characteristics. The T stands for Trinidad and is necessary to differentiate the size from other Robusto. This is because it has the brand’s characteristic “pigtail” on its cap. All tobacco for this Cuban cigar is age for two years and they only comes in a box nature with 12 cigars
Cuba threw a huge party in February centered around the 50th birthday of the Trinidad brand, but that golden anniversary left many people scratching their heads. For most of its history Trinidad is shroud in secrecy and mystery.