Ramon Allones Phoenicio 30 Cigars

The Ramon Allones Phoenicio 30 has been produce to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Habanos Distributor in the Middle East, surely Phoenicia Trading.

Surely such a special event requires a very special treat. Also, for this Habanos SA produce a new vitola of cigars from Ramon Allones The Phoenicio. Surely this is the first vitola to be named after a company. Besides an honor granted to Phoenicia by Habanos as a sign of appreciation for long years of hard work and a smooth successful business relation.

The Phoenicio is a sublime format; hand rolled from the finest tobacco of the famous Pinar Del Rio plantations. Undoubtedly  The Phoenicio which will be release by the beginning of October was highly upraise by the most famous cigar experts.

Section: Hand Made
Number of Cigars: 30
Size: Sublimes
Length: 164 mm
Diameter: 54 RG mm
Weight: 16.65 gr


Obviously, the Ramon Allones Phoenicio 30  Regional Edition Exclusivo Líbano, is one of the REs release to the market for 2008. Evidently which means they actually got to the market closer to 2009. Originally only 6,000 boxes of 30 cigars each were suppose to be sold in Beirut’s duty-free shops. The only place you could buy them on the market. Surely but the cigar’s huge popularity prompt the trader to release a secondary production run of 3,000 boxes