Por Larranaga Robusto Superior

Por Larranaga Robusto de Larranaga-ema-nov-2007. Great tobacco. Construction is OK. It is important to note that they start off on the mild side and progress towards medium body. Really nice sweetness to them. The  por  larranaga robusto cigars start off with a light caramel-milk chocolate sweetness.

As the por larranaga  progress the sweetness is intensified with a balanced note of cafe au lait, cacao and floral notes. Towards the end there are hints of earthiness and leather. Great balance and very interesting complexity.

I would say they have a good level of maturity by now and are better at the moment than the 2008 Asia Pacific Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra. – Submitted by dimi681 on February 7, 2007. The Por Larrañaga line itself is evidently quite small with currently four cigars in production in its portfolio and ring sizes and surely tends to be on the thin size.

The Montecarlo at 33 ring gauge, Panatela at 36, Petit Corona at 42 and surely the largest ring gauge in the line, we have the  Picadores at 48.  Therefore, this particular regional edition with a 50 ring gauge is certainly a welcome sight for someone who likes Por Larrañaga. Also, it  yearns for a larger smoke. This particular vitola is exclusively by Habanos S.A. at the specific request of The Pacific Cigar Company. The distributor of Habanos throughout Asia and beyond.

The robusto size, which is a first under the Por Larrañaga brand. Also, it is chosen as the 2007 Asia Pacific Regional Edition because of its popular size among smokers.  Only 6000 [240 – 25 count boxes of the 50 ring gauge X 124mm (4-7/8 inches)] are produce. Lastly, the cigar  today is one that is highly sought after by cigar aficionados because of its scarcity and aging potential.
Habanos produce three regional editions for the Asia Pacific region, the Robusto was the first.  Here are the other two:
2008 The Belicoso Extra followed.  50 ring