Montecristo Grand Edmundo LE 2010 – 10 cigars


  • • Montecristo Grand Edmundo is rich and powerful cigar showing loads of coffee flavors such as roasted coffee along with a heavy dose of chocolate.
  • • The Montecristo Grand Edmundo Limited Edition is made for the aficionados of big ring gauge Havanos. It is a very refined sweet and smooth cigar.

Try pairing this with a port and dark chocolate. A delicious combination.


The Montecristo Grand Edmundo LE 2010 comes in a semi boite nature box with Habanos Packing Code SBN-UW-n-10-n-10


Length: 150mm

Diameter: 20.54mm

Ring gauge: 52

Shape: Edmundo


A thing of art. The wrapper is almost seamless and glistens with an oily sheen. The foot shows a good bunch and the triple cap is carefully applied.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Strong essence of barnyard. Pre-light draw of chocolate.

Burn/ Draw

A slow even burn with an easy draw.

Initial third:

When you light the cigar up, you are greeted with coffee and cocoa flavor that is reminiscent of chocolate pudding and espresso.

Middle third:

It is still chocolaty, but only slightly less so. We now have some notes of cream, honey, cedar and vanilla with a very pleasant sweetness.

Final third:

The last third yields some dark toast with a hint of nutmeg and sautéed mushroom and still chocolaty.

In summary, the entirety of the cigar remained very mild-medium and at no point was ever harsh. Definitely a dessert cigar due to the heavy tone of chocolate. Very pleasant indeed.

Smoking time:

60 – 90 Minutes