Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Piramides 2011 LE

Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Piramides 2011 LE


Box of 10 — 5.3 x 46

The Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Pirámides Limited Edition 2011

was released at the end of last year by Habanos S.A, describing it as mild yet complex, a perfect cigar for beginning smokers. I managed to get mine. Discover the unique Forum size cigar via the Hoyo Edicion Limitada 2011. This small Piramides (same size as the Montecristo Regata) suits the Hoyo medium body and sweeter flavours. Produced in a slide lid box, containing ten cigars, this Habanos Edicion Limitada will be very popular as it is so easy to smoke. Ideal for the warmer season, get this rare cigar in your humidor now and prepare it for your Summer smoking


The Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Piramides EL 2011 is a light-medium Figurado, 5.3” (135mm) long, of 46 ring gauge, and comes in a 10 cigars box. This new vitola packs all the typical Hoyo de Monterrey complex flavors, which have a soft aroma. This Edición Limitada seems to be made purposely for Hoyo de Monterrey fans and lighter flavors cigars aficionados. It is a very smooth cigar, ideal for newcomers who want to discover what a Habano is about.


Like every year, Hoyo de Monterrey releases new Ediciones Limitadas or Limited Editions is anxiously awaited by aficionados from all over the world, and this Habano is no different. The Piramides Edicion Limitadas 2011 is amazing.

    • • Aromas of wood, spices, toast and grilled meat.
    • • Never too harsh, neither too mild. You can smoke it any time of the day.


Do not hesitate to give this Piramides Limited Edicion 2011 a chance. A great smoke.


Hoyo Piramides comes in a cedar box with Habanos Packing Code SLB-UW-n-10-n-10


Length: 135mm

Diameter: 18.26mm

Ring Gauge: 46

Shape: Petit Piramide


Beautiful construction. Toothy wrapper, minimal veins

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The pre-light aroma is of buttery popcorn, which is follow by a peppery under tone with oak and toast, a very seductive and enjoyable smell to say the least. The cold draw of the Hoyo is fairly easy with the typical bit of firmness associates with the Pirámides vitola.

Burn/ Draw

The Short Hoyo Pirámides puts out an abundance of smoke when you draw on it, it puts out little to no smoke when it’s resting, though it stays burning the whole time. Very nice.