H. Upmann Magnum 48 Limited Edition 2009

H. upmann Magnum 48  Exccelent ones 🙂 which distinguishes itself for the careful selection of two year aged selected tobacco leaves (wrapper binder and filler). They turns this Cigars into something very special. The H. upmann Magnum 48 notes of cedar, leathery and kind of Spicy flavor. Great Aroma with tones of woody, amazing smoke… this cigar stands out for its smooth flavor and delicate cedar aroma and mystical sensations.

H Upmann Magnum 48 LE 2009 comes in a sliding lid box (SLB) with Habanos Packing Code SLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-25

Box of 25  4 3/8 x 48,


Length: 110mm

Diameter: 19.05mm

Ring gauge: 48

Shape: Corona Extra


This is a gorgeous cigar. It has a dark, oily and soft wrapper. The wrapper seems to have some kind of tooth to it. This is a sexy stick. It is firm to the touch, an expertly made triple cap and a full and tight foot.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

At cold you are greeted with some crisp tobacco flavors which are very pleasant.

Burn/ Draw

The draw is nice and easy and the burn stays straight.

Initial third:

The initial third starts with some chocolate flavors along with some cream, it’s smooth like milk chocolate without any bitterness of the cocoa. It is definitely a medium strength cigar. A zing of spices can be noticed but it never takes over the smoothness. The first third hangs on for some time with a little bitterness but remains very nice nevertheless.

Middle third:

You can feel the nicotine start to build in this third. This cigar is pretty consistent but it is showing long highlights of hay, cream and some ripe black cherry. They come and go slowly. The burn is straight and paced. There is no need to relight or touch up this one. The finish is getting longer as it smokes down.

Final third:

We don’t think one would pick this as a first cigar of the day. It is pumping nicotine and the body is medium-medium full. The milk chocolate is gone and now we have some nice tobacco flavors mixed with some exotic spices, like the French Provençale mix you buy in fine spices stores. This is original but I can’t nub this one. It is giving me too much nicotine at this point.

In summary, overall the Magnum 48 is a good to great cigar. It is recommended to smoke it in the evening or as a second cigar as this will definitely make the mark. It has classic flavors to it even after only a few years of age. This will continue to age well.

Smoking time:

45 – 60 Minutes