The Diplomaticos Nortenos  is only the 10th Regional Edition made for Canada, this robusto is a must try

    • • Medium to full cigar with plenty of cedar, cream and sweet nuttiness
    • • Despite being a young cigar, it is already very complex and has a perfection construction which makes enjoyable right out of the box


Available in limited quantities (6,000 boxes), do not miss this little gem


The Diplomaticos Nortenos 2018 Canada Regional Edition comes in numbered dress box (only 6,000 were made) of 10 cigars with Habanos packing code SBN-UW-n-10-n-10


Length: 124 mm (4.9 inches)

Ring Gauge: 50




The Diplomaticos Nortenos has a very appealing look. The wrapper is of a dark brown color, with a nice oily sheen on it. The wrapper appears flawless, with a pristine triple cap. The cigar also sports an additional Regional Editions band that reads “Exclusivo Canada”. The regular yellow Diplomaticos band with the red carriage looks very classy as well. It feels good in hand, with a nice weight to it and evenly packed.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

From the wrapper, there are some aromas of hay, while there is some dry pasta and some sweetness on the foot.

Burn/ Draw

Amazing draw on this Diplomaticos Nortenos, just the right amount of resistance. The main flavors once the cigar is lit up are some spices, pepper and some earthiness.

Initial third:

The Nortenos starts beautifully with medium bodied intensity. The first flavors are mostly herbaceous and somewhat sweet, there is some hint of lemongrass. Further down the line, there is more woodiness and creaminess and some floral notes too. The main flavors are cedar, nuts mixed with a good amount of sweetness in the mix. Here and there are also some hints of berries and pepper. The aftertaste is mostly spicy with some saltiness. The cigar is not mild, the flavors are medium, while the body is at the medium-full level. The burn is a bit wavy but this does not affect the overall enjoyable experience.

Middle third:

In the second third of the Diplomaticos Nortenos, the flavor gets more powerful, close to full while the strength remains at the medium-full mark. The flavor profile evolves just a bit, with more nuttiness, and more pepper. The main flavors of cedar and creaminess are now mixing up with a more prominent earthiness. On the finish, there is still some saltiness, with now cream and pepper. Each puff releases a generous amount of thick smoke.

Final third:

The Diplomaticos Nortenos becomes more powerful in the final third, the flavors get more intense. The wood remains the main flavor, along with the earth. However, the creaminess has receded into the background, and the roasted nuttiness is now even more noticeable (mostly almonds and peanuts). There are also enjoyable notes of vanilla. The aftertaste is still marked with saltiness and charred wood notes. A great evolution in this final third which is seconded by as amazing construction, still plenty of smoke with every puff. The body of the cigar remains well in the medium-full region but never gets too strong. Delicious until the end.

Overall a great cigar with a very enjoyable flavor profile and evolution. Despite its young age, it is ready to smoke.