The Diplomaticos No.2 always shows up in the top of the list.

    • • One of the reasons is that no matter which batch or year of production, the smoking experience is the same. The flavors are always consistent.
    • • The flavors are strong and clear when smoked right out of the box. But the flavors get more profound and rich when aged.


Delicate aroma coupled with the flavors of wood and spice.


Diplomaticos No.2 – 25 cigars comes in a dress box with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25


Length: 156mm

Diameter: 20.64mm

Ring Gauge: 52

Shape: Piramide


As for all Diplomaticos cigars, the construction of the No.2 is amazing. The wrapper is shiny and has a nice brown color. The whole cigar is dense and firm.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Some nice aromas of fruits and soil are emerging from the cigar, mostly around the foot of the cigar. The pre-light draw is firm.

Burn/ Draw

Since the beginning the draw is firm but the burn is nice and clean. The ash has a nice grey color and holds on to the cigar for a good inch before falling off.

Initial third:

In the first third, the cigar starts off with plenty of woody aromas. After the few first puffs, the oak flavor is joined by many other flavors. The cigar now releases flavors of spices, with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, and nice charcoaled wood aromas. The cigar’s body is medium and the first third finishes on a nice and long wood note. A first third very typical of Diplomaticos smoking profile.

Middle third:

The second third continues on a fairly similar flavor profile than the first one. The flavors of sweet spices still dominate, with wood, nuts and forest closely following, in a balanced array. The flavor is unmistakably Diplomaticos.

Final third:

The cigar finishes in the same way as it started, with the same flavors and a medium body. The flavors do not change while smoking in the last third, but why would you want them to? This cigar is delicious!

In summary, an easy draw and even burn. A great example of a 1st class piramide