Cohiba Behike 56 – BHK 56 Box of 10

Cohiba Behike 56 is know by the name Tribal Chief as well. It has always been the best cigar in the world. Today you can buy exclusive Cohiba Behike 56 online for a very affordable price. The fine materials of this cigar are makes up of Medio Tiempo leaves that are taken from the best tobacco plants. This new Cohiba´s version has a really nice mix flavor of spices, burnt wood, earth, and a hint of bitter chocolate. The smoke is thick and creamy, which is fantastic for the smoker. In addition to these flavors, the cigar it also has fantastic resistance – providing the best leisurely, enjoyable experience of smoking this Cigar.california honey carts kilo extracts thc vape venom cartridges zodiaksmoonrock runtz og carts
One of the unique features of these leaves is that they absorb most of the sun rays and produce an unique flavor for this cigar. The Cohiba Behike 56 cigar is a piece of the Cohiba Behike order in the Cohiba type. The BHK 56 is release in 2010 near side of two other sizes: BHK 52 and BHK 54. These Cubans feature a blend that includes the Medio Tiempo blade. Which is a very infrequent tobacco leaf coming from the two upper leaves of a sun-grown tobacco plant. This unique Vitole will be produce in limited stock every year

The cigars have a limit annual production so when there is shortage – that’s it for the year. I think that makes them a candidate for laying down, maturing and collecting. And many of our clients are already making plans for laying down a quantity of BHK’s annually. The BHK’s have a unique blend to the 40th anniversary Behikes (age 5 years). Aswell as an extra Medio tiempo filler leaf which gives the cigar a very distinct flavour.


Box 10