Bolivar Tubos No. 1

The Bolivar Tubos No.1 is a medium-full body cigar with lots of dank and earthy flavors; you will feel like taking a walk in a dark forest.


  • • This cigar has similar tastes compared to the Bolivar Coronas .
  • • Powerful leathery, earthy, and woody flavors.

Very complex cigar that would become even better after some aging time.


Bolivar Tubos No.1 – 25 cigars comes in a dress box with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/S-9,9,7-A/T-25


Length: 142 mm

Diameter: 16.67 mm

Ring gauge: 42

Shape: Corona


The construction of the cigar is admirable; it is well packed, even from the head to the foot, with a wonderful double cap. Great looking oily wrapper but not flawless, only just a bit rough and a little bumpy, few veins are visible. It has a beautiful dark color.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The cigar has a light tobacco smell, and we get a nice blend of aromas from the pre-light draw, something very much like a potpourri kind of smell. We can pick up sweet, dank and earthy aromas before lighting up the cigar.

Burn/ Draw

The draw is open and decent throughout the whole cigar. The burn line is perfect all along, and the ash chunk can build-up to an inch and half long before falling off.

Initial third:

The first third greets you with this potpourri like aromas and some very sweet tobacco. In the first third strong earthy and leathery flavors dominate, along with some roasted fruits aromas. Some spicy notes are also picked up and soon the fruity notes leave place to more leathery and woody aromas of cedar. The cigar is medium full bodied and each draw produces a good amount of smoke. The aroma that comes out from this cigar is absolutely phenomenal, some complexity already emerge, with some deep aroma of dark tobacco, dank notes of moist forest, mushroom and leather. Overall, the cigar is never harsh.