2 Boxes of 10 La Gloria Cubana Serie D No. 5 Regional Edition España

Buy La Gloria Cubana Serie D No.5. La Gloria Cubana’s 11th Regional Edition release, specially crafted for Spain

• Medium to full cigar with plenty of smooth Cuban flavors: rich chocolate, spices, wood and sweetness

• Well balanced and complex cigar with great construction, it has an incredible potential which will please any seasoned aficionado


. Only available in some La Casa Del Habanos in limited quantities, do not miss your chance


The La Gloria Cubana Serie No. 5 2017 RE comes in a numbered dress box of 10 cigars (only 50,000 made) with Habanos packing code SBN-UW-n-10-n-10


Length: 110 mm (4.3 inches)

Ring Gauge: 50


Petit Robusto


Only 50,000 of these cigars have been made and they have been exclusively made for the Spanish market. In addition to the regular Gloria Cubana band, there is also the Habanos Regional Edition custom band for Spain. The Serie D No.5 has a beautiful cinnamon brown wrapper with a good amount of oil on the surface with a reddish hue. The cigar is quite small in size but its construction looks spot-on, with no noticeable veins. It is pretty supple and has a slight give when squeezed, but there is no soft spots and it is uniformly packed.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

Upon opening the box, aromas of barnyard and cocoa and reaching the nostrils. From the wrapper, the main flavors are barnyard again, cedar, earth and some sweet nuts mixture. At the foot, there is some cinnamon aromas as well as some chocolate and sweet vanilla.

Burn/ Draw

The draw on the La Gloria Cubana Serie D No.5 at cold is good, with the right level of resistance, The main flavors are cinnamon, citrus, cedar, dark chocolate and some fruit notes. There are also hints of earth. Once we put the foot to the flame, the cigar burns immediately in a clean straight line. The draw remains excellent and the smoke is cool. The ash holds on easily until the second third.

Initial third:

The Gloria Cubana Serie D No.5 starts off with good and rich typical Cuban flavors: powerful cedar, deep earthy flavors and some incredible sweetness as well with hints of hay, cinnamon, dark chocolate. Underlying this beautiful start there is also some dark espresso and some leather which adds some bitterness to the mix. It is very enjoyable right from the start and quite powerful. On the retrohale are some hints of pepper and Cuban twang and some caramel like flavor. The cigar starts off over the medium mark, close to a medium plus level. There is also some harshness here and there, with bursts of nicotine, which is expected because it is a young cigar. The draw is good and the cigar burns effortlessly while creating a nice amount of smoke.

Middle third:

In the middle section of the Serie D No. 5, the cigar mellows down and leaves ample space for creamier and smoother flavors. The strength is not quite at the medium mark, but it is closer to it. The main flavors are now some milk chocolate joined with some sweet almond paste which helps to create a much creamier profile. The spices are still there, mostly cinnamon and paprika, but the earthiness, the coffee, and leather have receded or come in waves. There are also lots of floral notes. The draw remains excellent with the right amount of resistance while the ash builds up nicely at the foot. The smoke production is more generous and the smoke remains cool. The burn line is not perfect, but good enough given it is still a young cigar.

Final third:

In the final third of the Serie D No.5, the flavors remain very creamy, with still lots of almond paste, chocolate and floral flavors. But there is a come-back of leather, earth and coffee, even with some spices, hay and charred wood notes. The strength ramps up slightly again, to sit just under the medium-full mark. It is a beautiful cigar with creamy and smooth flavor profile despite some occasional tang bursts. The wavy burn corrected itself and the draw remained great until the very end.

In summary, this is a great Cuban cigar, which every aficionado should give a try, grab a box while you still can.